Sew By Design

About Me

Sew by Design is a bespoke design service which offers all types of made-to-measure dresses and outfits for all occasions. Whether it be a wedding, prom or a day at the races, Sew by Design can turn your ideas into reality.

SewByDesign-AboutImageWhilst studying a degree in Fashion Design at the University of Lincoln for 3 Years I learned everything from garment design to pattern cutting and construction. After graduating in 2011 I began designing and making garments for friends and family who then recommended me to others. Since then I’ve been working my magic on all kinds of clothing in the Leeds/Bradford area.

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RUNNER UP – Design a pair of gloves for the Lady Mayoress of London (2010)
AWARD – Professionalism in association with Debenhams (2011)
AWARD – Final degree collection displayed at London Graduate Fashion Week (2011)